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Prayers for the People Amongst a Pandemic

Tonight we pray for those in isolation. For those who long for interaction and beg for intersession. Tonight we pray for those who felt alone and afraid in this world far before Covid-19 began. Tonight we pray that they may be clothed in a sense of simple peace. May it bring warmth to their cold thoughts and hope to a seemingly dark tomorrow.

Oh Source of Peace, Hear our Prayers.

Tonight we pray for those who will go unnoticed and uncounted in the aftermath of this disaster. For those on the streets who have nowhere to shelter in place to. Tonight we pray for those who are incarcerated and who will be disproportionately ravaged by this virus behind iron bars. May the officials who oversee their care, treat them with the same level of dignity and respect as they themselves would wish to be given in this time.

Oh Source of Love, Hear our Prayers

Tonight we pray that all elected and appointed officials around the world may have the ability to do what is right. May they see the light of our common humanity and relinquish their own self gain in order to serve the needs of the many. May they fight for what is right at all times even in the chaos and hardships that plague us. Tonight we pray that we ourselves may lead by example, urging support for those who need it, isolating physically, communing virtually, and embracing simplicity.

Oh Source of Justice, Hear Our Prayer

Tonight we pray for those on the front lines of this epidemic. May they be safeguarded and honored for their work. May they be given support in the inevitability that is the passing of patients. May they have the strength to give each and every person care and love. Tonight we pray for the thousands who have been lost and the thousands more who will pass. May they be remembered for who they were, loved, and lifted. Tonight we pray for community in this bleak time. May it evolve, change and be strengthened as time goes on.

Oh Source of Mercy, Hear Our Prayer

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