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What is Drag?

Drag is a subjective artform utilized (largely but not exclusively) by members of the LGBTQIA+ community. It is a powerful way to celebrate identity, instill change, have fun, access community, uplift the self and so much more!

Drag means something a little different to every single Drag Artist. It can be performed by any person regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation in many different ways and places. 

How could Drag Possibly be Impactful in the Church?

For so long, churches have proclaimed a "welcoming" statement towards LGBTQIA+ individuals. For so long, this statement stood unsupported by action and doctrine. Churches claim that LGBTQIA+ individuals may join their congregations, sit in the pews, and tithe to the church, however there would be a limit put in place in regards to their presence and their service. The church has minimized and traumatized the experience of LGBTQIA+ people.

Drag upends this. It is a hyperbole of identity. Drag is an over the top art form brimming with enthusiasm and teaming with energy. But it is also over the top in it's acceptance and celebration of all people, of all bodies, of all genders, and of all sexualities. It is a hyperbole of Love, a hyperbole of Grace, and a hyperbole of all that it is we as Christians are called to be.

How is Drag a Spiritual Discipline?

With any spiritual discipline, a rhythm must be established to allow the mind and heart to wander in wonder of the Divine. Much like walking a a long prayerful labyrinth, in the 2-3 hours it takes to paint my face, I find my mind lulled into deeper level of thinking, allowing myself to meditate upon scripture and poetry. 

The slow, methodical, and personal act of getting into Drag, creates a unique environment comprised of a mixture of mindfulness, prayerfulness, and a willingness to be moved by the Spirit.

Should Drag in the Church be Welcomed outside of June?

Though Pride Month is an important time in the lives of LGBTQIA+ people, their identities exist all year long. The Church's affirmation of marginalized individuals should not be limited to one month or one service or one moment. The acceptance and affirmation which flows from Drag Artistry can be uplifted at any time! Much like how a violinist's spiritual work can be uplifted at whim, so too can a Drag Artist's

How Can We Support Penny?

You can show your love and support to her and to queer folks around the world by uplifting her story, sending messages of love, inviting her to speak, or by considering giving financially to her and her ministry!

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