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An Ecumenical Prayer: End the Israel-Palestine Crisis and Genocide

Divine One, we come together today, not as strangers, not as neighbors, but as siblings of Your Creation.

We recognize that we are called to love one another with the same veracity and the same passion that we have for YOU oh Holy One.

Today we ask that you dwell with the families and friends of our Muslim siblings who were lost and injured in the Christchurch, New Zealand Terror Attacks this last week.

Today we ask that You grant us with courage and the ability to support our own Palestinian community members as they face the fear, the anguish, the grief, and the sadness felt in the wake of this tragedy.

Today we ask that You, oh Holy One, embrace those who have been harmed, emend places of worship.

Today we ask for Your light to fill us with a passion for justice, a yearning for equality, and the power to speak and act with a fierce love and an enduring compassion for and with those around us.

May we as community leaders, faith leaders, queer leaders, seek to build bridges of cooperation between our communities so that we may work towards a world in which all of Your great creation can live and thrive in harmony. May we work to break down the systems that allow for atrocities to continuously occur. May we halt the wheels of injustice when we see them move. May we shatter the fragility of oppression at all times.

Oh Divine Light, illuminate our paths as we venture through our lives, walking in the privilege which surrounds us, so that we may strive for peace, for justice, and for love in every corner of this beautiful world.

It is in Your Great Love that I pray,


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